Let Us Build Cully Park

 “This is what is going to create a healthy community, this is what is going to create healthy individuals.”


~Dan Field, Kaiser Permanente~

Let Us Build Cully Park
NE 72nd Greenstreet

At 860 linear feet, NE 72nd Avenue ends at Cully Park's Community Garden, but does not currently provide access. It is one of Cully's many forgotten streets - no stormwater management treatment system, no facilities, no sump, no curbs. NE 72d also lacks sidewalks, lighting and other features necessary for pedestrian safety.

By building NE 72nd Greenstreet, we secure a new environmental asset that connects Cully residents to Cully Park. New improvements will slow and filter stormwater, and do so in a visible way that supports community education about stormwater management and watershed health. The project also creates habitat for birds and other wildlife found in adjacent open spaces and natural areas.

NE 72nd is also a pilot project for alternative design standards. As a result, Verde may be able to significantly reduce project costs as well as train the first workers and contractors to construct this new environmental infrastructure, establishing a replicable community-based model for Greenstreet development.

NE 72nd Greenstreet Concept

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