Let Us Build Cully Park

 "Cully Park offers a strong example to Portland (and beyond) of how a nonprofit-government partnership can achieve what neither group could do alone..."


~ Nick Hardigg | Executive DirectorPortland Parks Foundation ~

Let Us Build Cully Park
North Slope Habitat Restoration Area

This 3.28 acre area is too steep for park features, but it offers the opportunity to create habitat in the Cully neighborhood. Currently, this area is covered with a sparsely diverse mix of grasses that are planted on the landfill cap, seeded many years ago atop the thin soil profiles to prevent erosion. The overall habitat value is relatively low, and the vegetation offers little interception and evaporation of rainfall.

Verde restores the north slope to create mixed deciduous-riparian habitat. Restoration takes place at a rate of roughly 1 acre/year, providing an opportunity to evaluate planting techniques and establishment practices. Summer and fall 2013, Verde installs 34 test zones, changes the topography through berms and scree slopes, and installs a 6000sf demonstration area to act as a reference for the preferred final ecosystem.


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