Let Us Build Cully Park

 "It's a chance to restore essentially a mountain of trash into a community asset"


~Tony DeFalco, LUBCP coordinator~

Let Us Build Cully Park
Play Area

Cully Neighborhood schools and students lead the design of a 10,000sf play area that meets the needs of young people in the neighborhood and disabled youth. Participants include Scott School, Rigler School, the Community Transitional School and Hacienda CDC's Expresiones program.

Working with Verde, Vigil-Agrimis and EarthPlay (a Cully-based business), students learned about basic design concepts, map reading, scale and calculating area with an architect ruler. Each group developed an initial play area design, combining typical playground features with nature play elements.

March 2013, we hosted a play area design charette at Grace Presbyterian Church. At the charette, students presented their designs, and students and adults voted on their favorite design elements. Currently, Verde and its designers incorporate this feedback into a single play area design.

The Let Us Build Cully Park! Play Area from Verde on Vimeo.


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