Let Us Build Cully Park

 "Cully Park offers a strong example to Portland (and beyond) of how a nonprofit-government partnership can achieve what neither group could do alone..."


~ Nick Hardigg | Executive DirectorPortland Parks Foundation ~

Let Us Build Cully Park
Verde Temporary Nursery at Cully Park

Verde Nursery has transferred production to Cully Park, building a 10,000sf plant staging area summer 2013. Plants produced at Cully Park will be used exclusively for Phase 1, they will not be used offsite or sold to customers.

By producing plants for Phase 1 onsite, Nursery acclimates the plants to the site's challenging conditions and evaluates individual plant and plant species hardiness, reduces the project's carbon footprint, and reduces costs. Lastly, on-site production supports community engagement by providing educational opportunities for youth.


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