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Project Description

Play Area

Verde worked Hacienda CDC’s Expresiones after school program (most students are affordable housing residents, and 97% are 1st or 2nd generation immigrants), Rigler School (85% free/reduced lunch), Scott School (88% free/reduced lunch), and Community Transitional School (serves children from homeless families) to design the play area at Cully. Students visited traditional playgrounds and nature play areas, and they learned about basic design concepts, map reading, calculating area, scale and using an architect ruler. Later, each student group develop its own play area design, then presented its designs at a community design charrette organized by Verde, held in Cully.

Verde designs and builds the Play Area per the student­‐led plans. Encouraging exploration, open­‐ended and non‐directed play, and direct engagement with natural materials, nature play features are integrated throughout the approximately 24,000sf Play Area, which also offers a full range of traditional equipment that engages youth in dynamic play including swinging, spinning, climbing and sliding. Finally, the Play Area provides a number of accessible elements, including a wheelchair‐accessible sensory wall.

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