Since 2012, Verde and Portland Parks & Recreation, working with many partners and supporters, have raised over $11M for Cully Park from more than 40 foundation, government and corporate sources. Many of our sources, like Meyer Memorial Trust and the Collins Foundation, do not typically fund park projects, but have supported our project because of its unique combination of health, educational, economic and environmental benefits:

Partners are so completely vital to what we do, it’s one of the reasons we named our campaign Let Us Build Cully Park! — no single organization or community member or jurisdiction could build it alone, but together we’re transforming essentially a mountain of trash into a community asset. From the beginning, our project has been characterized by deep partnerships.

We are also grateful to acknowledge a fortunate funding history. From our first capital grant from the Port of Portland Airport Futures Program to recent grants from the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department and the Collins Foundation, more than 40 funders have contributed over $10.9M to Cully Park.

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